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Your Sense of Taste

One of the things I wanted to do when I left Cask Marque and set up the BeerBelle business was put.. Read more

What the hell is craft beer

You may have heard the term ‘craft beer’ bandied around a lot more recently, and as a cask ale.. Read more

The Media and Beer

I’ve been a bit miffed this month. In fact at times I’ve felt ostracised, marginalised, outcast... Read more

The future of the pub

There is a scene in the film ‘Educating Rita’ which I’ve always remembered. Rita is asked to write.. Read more

The Colour of Beer

I conducted a little research project with the help of some students from Leeds Metropolitan.. Read more

Running Beer Festivals

Beer festivals are a great way of offering your customers a chance to taste a variety of different.. Read more

Opinion - The Colour of Beer

Many experiments have been done throughout the ages about how the colour of food and drink dictates.. Read more

The Great British Pub

Earlier on this year, I went to Bruges for the weekend with my lovely other half. I had heard many.. Read more

The Great North South Divide

There has always been an on going debate between the North and South about how cask ale should be.. Read more

The Live Beer Tasting on ITV’s This Morning

The day before… The call came through on a Tuesday afternoon, just less than a week before the.. Read more

How to pick a pub

I’m always a little wary of being asked the question “which is your favourite pub?” as it leads to.. Read more

Going it alone

So, this is my first blog where I’m not touted as “The UK’s only female Beer Inspector for Cask.. Read more

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