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Annabel in the press

Articles about Beer and Food by Annabel Smith for Cask Marque

16th Mar, 2017 | View Article

Articles by Annabel Smith for Dea Latis

16th Mar, 2017 | View Article

Articles about Beer and Women by Annabel Smith for Cask Marque

16th Mar, 2017 | View Article

Horbury businesswoman says cheers for beer accolade

03rd Mar, 2017 | View Article

Imbibe Personality of the Year 2017 winners revealed

07th Feb, 2017 | View Article

Annabel Smith on Beer

07th Feb, 2017 | View Article

Put Away the Port and Bring out the Beer

09th Dec, 2016 | View Article

The rise of the beer sommelier: Why it’s time to put beer on the same footing as wine

08th Dec, 2016 | View Article

How to create the perfect autumn dinner party

14th Oct, 2016 | View Article

Cinema group forms alliance with There’s A Beer For That

07th Sep, 2016 | View Article

Three top summer recipes - and beers to drink with them

21st Jun, 2016 | View Article

The woman who tastes beer for a living - Annabel Smith, the beer sommelier

03rd May, 2016 | View Article

What’s it like to work as a beer sommelier?

13th Apr, 2016 | View Article

Beer expert: "Dangerous" not to keep up with new adventurous drinkers

01st Mar, 2016 | View Article

Beer sommelier Annabel Smith teams up with Enterprise

23rd Feb, 2016 | View Article

Blackhill Brewer Wins Beer Tasting Expert

10th Jan, 2016 | View Article


17th Nov, 2015 | View Article

I was one of the first women to qualify as a UK beer sommelier

23rd Oct, 2015 | View Article

I’m Britain’s first female beer inspector

28th Nov, 2014 | View Article

Pub review: Beer and Chocolate Tasting, The Brewery Tap, Leeds

04th Apr, 2013 | View Article

Yorkshire beer and food: made for each other

22nd Dec, 2012 | View Article

Britain’s first female beer sommeliers celebrate with a pint after passing test

15th Jul, 2012 | View Article

Women and ale: There's an ale for everyone

27th Mar, 2010 | View Article

It's a tough job - but someone's got to do it: Meet Britain's only female beer taster

04th Aug, 2008 | View Article

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